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Whether you’re an established entity or you’re venturing a start-up, high-quality imagery is key to strong audience engagement. Desire Media offers comprehensive photography packages that align with your branding and illicit an emotional connection with your audience.

We Do Three Things

1. Creative

Reignite your passion.

We get great satisfaction from finding creative solutions to tackle technical or strategic challenges. We prefer yes to no, we love a challenge, and we always push ourselves to find new ways to do what’s always been done. You can expect this ethos to be applied to all the building blocks fundamental to developing a brand: from short snippet videos to full-scale productions. It’s an end-to-end approach to creativity that delivers results.

2. Connect

Realise your purpose.

We believe connection is one of the best creative tools to exist. We know that in order to drive businesses, brands and people forward, we need to foster existing connections and build new ones too. This mindset means everything we do is designed to connect with the audience – for all the right reasons. We also ensure these connections are more than just a number: they should be able to communicate a tangible benefit for your business. We’ll give you the practical tools to convert the increased attention and keep the momentum going.

3. Collaborate

Unlock your potential.

We proudly collaborate with industry-leading experts from across the world to ensure our work is always locally-minded and globally-conscious. Our extensive network gives us access to large-scale tools and insights, for application across projects of all scales and nature. We’re also dedicated to working alongside our clients, to ensure we deliver their vision down to the finest detail. It’s an ethos that creates a welcoming and friendly ambience – and delivers plenty of laughs along the way too.

Just A Few Of Our Clients


Meet Your Dream Team


Lachlan Holmes

Creative Director / Founder

As one half of Desire Media’s founding, Lachlan’s entrepreneurial spirit can never be squashed. He questions everything and is always looking for new strategies to push digital media boundaries. Whether it’s a Tuesday night or a Sunday morning, you can expect Lachlan to pick up the phone before the first ring. The self-confessed perfectionist also happens to be the self-appointed Table Tennis Office Champion.

Rex Whiticker

Creative Director / Founder

The second half of Desire Media’s founding is equally adept at shredding on the slopes as he is behind the camera. Rex is the team’s quiet achiever, known for his exceptional ability to break things down, understand them, add ideas, and push it forward. It’s this unwavering spirit that motivates the Desire Media team to continually ask themselves, “How can we do this better?”.


Connor Hedley

Senior Videographer

Tim Forster


Eden Stimpson

Executive Assistant

Kurt Boldy


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