We are a creative agency.
Tailoring content for what you desire.

We are a creative agency.
Tailoring content for what
you desire.

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Since the very beginning, Desire Media has been pushing the boundaries of what is meant by captivating visual experiences. It’s moulded an innovative approach to videography and photography that embodies the true ambitions of every client, able to transform dreams into cinematic content bound to make lasting impressions. If you’re envisioning an awe-inspiring production blending vision and viability – seek Desire.

Our team

Lachlan Holmes

Lachlan Holmes


Rex Whiticker

Rex Whiticker


Giverny Reid

Giverny Reid

Business Development Manager, Sydney


Connor Hedley

Head Videographer


Tim Foster



Kurt Boldy



Matheus Pagoto


When you join forces with Desire Media, you’re connecting with the daring and outside-the-box approach of an experienced team of photographers, videographers, editors and dreamers. A collaboration underlined by enduring impact and persuasive visions naturally eventuates, one that ensures the grand ambitions of any project has the aesthetics to match.

While the property development landscape is where we spend most of our time, our extensive experience has given us an innate lay of the land across all industries. It’s an insight we use to ensure our projects are visionary and victorious all at once.

Visuals intertwined with your vision’s DNA


Storyboard With unbounded ideas, creative concepts and cinematic details to explore, the storyboarding stage will allow us to construct a narrative arc that guides viewers on a carefully curated journey.


It’s the little touches and added extras that truly bring a production to life. We’ll work with you to source and secure the props needed ahead of the shoot.


On-shoot, the Desire Media team will coordinate talent, stage locations and manage the entire production team to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.


Post-production is where crisp footage and careful shots are transformed into a smooth, flowing and encapsulating storyline. Special effects, music, colour-grading and retouching are just a handful of the tools we’ll use to give your production an added glow.

A few of our clients